Scalable and Custom Web Application Development

Dwansoft leverages the latest web technologies and development practices to build high-performance and scalable web application that deliver desirable business results. If you expect your web application to be user-friendly, intuitive, and beautiful at the same time – you’re in the right place.

We strive for efficiency in our custom web applications by subjecting them to accepted design standards and testing. In this way, we deliver our clients dependable web applications that can be up and running from day one of implementation. The follow up of agile practices ensure that the projects are delivered to our clients within the stipulated time and budget.

Custom web applications addresses the limitations of conventional tools by giving businesses more efficiency, accessibility, customization, and security that aids in solving individual business challenges. We have built all sorts of custom web applications from backend, frontend, API (application programming interface) to complex information system.


The planning phase is the fundamental process of understanding why the web app should be built. During the analysis phase, we strive to determine what the web app will look like and what information will be presented. During the prototype design phase, Dwansof will create a UI / UX design for review. Once a UI / UX design has been approved by the client Vodjo can begin the web app development.

The web app development has completed and it is time for testing. Testing is done to ensure the web app is fully functional within all main browsers and there are no bugs. Testing has completed and the web site is ready to be released to the world. At this point depending on the client Dwansoft will either set move the web app to its web host or pass it along to the client’s web host.

In this phase, Dwansoft will help you to ensure that your web app works properly, as well as remove any vulnerabilities and reduce security risks



  • Vue.js
  • React
  • AngularJS


  • PHP (Laravel / Yii2 / CodeIgniter)
  • Node.js (Express / Socket.IO / NestJS)
  • Python (Flask / FastAPI / Django)


  • SQL (MySQL / PostgreSQL / Microsoft SQL Server)